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ESL Personal Finance Training in Raleigh/ March 13, 2013 from 9:00 to 4:00
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|| 2013 NCCEE Academic Competitions

|| Educators,

Get your students involved in one of the following NCCEE sponsored academic competitions focusing on economics, personal finance and entrepreneurship for North Carolina students in primary and secondary schools designed to support and enhance the economic education experience.

All competition winners are invited to attend regional awards banquets in the spring where their accomplishments are celebrated with their parents and teachers, as well as a number of educational leaders, elected oficials, and prominent business leaders.

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Economics Challenge - High School - Grades 9-12

The National Economics Challenge is a state, regional and national competition for high school students designed to increase their understanding of and interest in economics and finance. Students compete in teams for a chance to win prizes and a trip to New York City to compete in the national finals.
Click here to learn more about the National Economics Challenge.
This Economics Challenge competition was made possible through the generous support of State Farm and the Council for Economic Education.

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The County Marketing Contest - Middle School - Grades 6-8

The contest is designed to be an extension of the middle school standards for social studies (economics), technology and language arts. Students work in teams to create a PowerPoint presentation that persuades a business to expand or relocate to a given county based on productive resources, tax incentives and other factors. Students will compete for cash prizes against other middle school student teams across North Carolina. To download an entry form click here.

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Calendar Poster Contest - Grades 2-5

Enhance the learning experience for students in grades 2-5 by participating in the annual Calendar Poster Contest. Teachers submit artwork illustrating one of 8 economic concepts. Winning illustrations will be posted on our website and the winning students each receive cash prizes.
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InvestWrite - Grades 4-12

Enhance the Stock Market Game™ experience through writing. Your students have entered the world of business and finance by participating in The Stock Market Game™ program. The perfect companion, our teacher-designed writing component and competition, reinforces their newfound knowledge and hones critical thinking skills. Teachers participating in the SMG program will receive an invitation to submit student essays during the competition.

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