This page is devoted to middle grades specific resources.

Curriculum Development:

Social Studies in Action: A Teaching Practices Library, K-12: - If you click on the Video #15. It will give you an good overview of how to integrate the NCSS Themes into the middle grades curriculum. (about 55 minutes) – Annenberg Media – UNC-TV = Videos #16- #21 focus on lessons to support curriculum at the middle grades.
· Curriculum Architecture: Creating a Place of Our Own by Mary Louise Hawkins and M. Dolores Graham. This book provides insight on how to designing a curriculum for young adolescents. The constant theme throughout the book is that each school must create its own curriculum, based on the unique needs of its students, its community, its faculty, and with the real involvement of the students themselves.
· Schools to Watch , an initiative of the National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades Reform that highlights exemplary schools that meet the Forum’s criteria for high performance in the areas of academic excellence, developmentally responsiveness, and social equity.